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Football-Wonderkids lets you regester with six different profile types depending on your love of football.

These profile help you connect with other fans or an agent if you are a player......... plus much more.

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Register as a fan to connect with fans from all over the world, view our player database, read and comment on all our news, specials and interviews.

As a player you can create your online football CV and export it PDF.

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Post updates on all the latest news about your club.

Connect easily with your players and find new ones.

Post fixtures and results to promote you club .

Chat with clubs and scouts to build your connections

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Find players for your trial days and even organise a match with a local team. 

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Player Database

The football-Wonderkids player database has over 2000 profiles on all the latest and future stars of world football.


We interview future stars to bring you closer to the footballers you love.

Player Development

Here you can find hints and tips on performance, training, nutrition and recipes so you can be at your peak of mental and physical fitness.


From Top 10's to scouting reports, our specials are full of intersting reads.


Keeping you up to date on all the latest news, gossip, contracts and debuts on players Under-21.

Scout Reports

Have you seen a player and want to share your views on him? Well now you can. Every player in our player database can have a user review where you can rate, review and share your own pictures.