Player Database

The Football-Wonderkids Player Database has over 2000 of the worlds best young stars, lost wonderkids and legends.

Keeping you up to date with the next footballing stars as well as a nostalgic look at youth players who were tipped to be the next big thing by pundits or Football Manager.

Full Database

A full list of every player profiled on Football-Wonderkids in alphabetical order.

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A list of all the players in our database currently considered to be wonderkids and next stars of world football. This is a constantly evolving list, with new players added daily…… players can also move to the lost wonderkids list if they don’t fulfill their potential.

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Lost Wonderkids

A look at all the players who peaked too soon in their career. Here we look at players who excelled at youth level but failed to achieve the same at senior level or youth players who made international debuts as teenagers then disappeared without a trace.

We love looking back at players to see where they are now and why they failed to reach the heights of football stardom.

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A celebration of the best players in world football who we consider to be legends. This is not just a list of the usual suspects, all clubs have legends and Football-Wonderkids believes a legend for Bury is as good as a legend for Arsenal.

We are sure you will find it interesting to learn about players like Readings Robin Friday and Swansea’s Lee Trundle as much as Eric Cantona and Cafu.

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CM/FM Legends

Here we look at players who were marked as future stars by the popular Championship Manager and Football Manager games.

As an avid fan of the games for the very first game I enjoy looking at players like Andri Sigporsson, Mario Pugliese and Supat Rungratsamee to find out where they are now and what happened in their careers.

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Sons of Footballers

There have been a number of players who have tried to emulate their fathers success on the football field over the years.

Some like Paolo Maldini have been successful and arguably better than his father Cesare, players like Jordi Cruyff had good careers in their own right but overs failed to cope with the burden of the name.

In this list you can look at past sons of footballers and all the ones currently in academies all over the world.

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