Meet Our Partners

We only are looking to link with a small number of partners to give our members the best experience and player the best opportunity we can to get scouted.

Football-Wonderkids are proud to work with the following companies:

Soccer Smart.

Soccer Smart ltd. send talented UK players overseas. They look to give each and every player an quality opportunity with a quality service. All of their consultants have played soccer in both the UK and overseas and they know that the relationship between a player, their parents and their future coach need to be held at the highest professional standard.

Keeping their numbers small, each player has their own consultant that they can chat with on a weekly or even daily basis. The key to Soccer Smarts success is their ability to send each player to the right club and university for their needs.

89 Sport Management

89 sports management company specialises in the representation of professional footballers and academy scholars on and off the playing field.

They offer a wide and elite range of services to their clients that include Sports Coaching, Marketing & Sponsorship, Contract Negotiations, Legal Advice & Representation, Club Sourcing and Mentoring work.

At Eighty Nine sports ; have a team of experienced FA Registered Intermediaries and their dedicated Client Management staff ensure all of their clients needs are fulfilled, as they pride themselves on acting in the best interests of their players and ensuring that every decision is taken with a view to maximising their full potential.

To become a partner of Football-Wonderkids please email