By agreeing to our Members Under 18 Years Old User Agreement you are agreeing that you are at least the “minimum age” stated below to be a member of Football-Wonderkids.

  • 14-years-old if you live in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, South Korea and United States
  • 16-years-old if you live in The Netherlands
  • 18 years old if you live in China
  • 13 years old if you live in any other country

If you are under the age limits above you can ask a parent or guardian to use Football-Wonderkids on your behalf.

Your parent or guardian must then agree that they are responsible for your use of Football-Wonderkids and are fully aware that you (the under aged member) is using our service on a computer (desktop or laptop), mobile or tablet and our future mobile app which will involve uploading image, videos, personal contact and connecting with other users.

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