Daniel Nardiello Interview

Daniel Nardiello Interview

Daniel Nardiello Interview

Daniel Nardiello was spotted by Manchester United while playing for Wolves. After making his first team debut against Arsenal he went on to play for a number of football league clubs and represent Wales at international level.

In this interview, we talk about what it was like to play under Sir Alex, how he looks back on his career and life after football.

You started your career at Wolves before moving to Manchester United, how did that move come about?

I was spotted playing for my local district side, playing a year above my age group. I managed to score 2 goals and played very well. My dad was then approached by Manchester United.

What was it like moving to one of the biggest clubs in Europe?

It was great but at such a young age you don’t really appreciate the magnitude of it. I just took it in my stride and enjoyed playing football

You were fighting for a first team place with some good forwards like Van Nistelrooy, Forlan and Solskjaer, did you ever think I’m not going to get a chance here?

I never really felt this way, I just concentrated on my football and believed in my own ability. I don’t think you can think like that if you want to be a pro athlete of any sport

How did it feel to make your debut against Arsenal in 2001? and later playing in the Champions League?

Again I just took it in my stride, only now do I really appreciate it and realise how good achievement it is. I was obviously delighted at the time but I didn’t think it was a massive deal, it was the path  I was on and I hoped and expected it to happen at some point.

What was it like as a young pro playing under Sir Alex Ferguson?

He was brilliant, the best manager there has been so it was an honour to play under him. He gave me a chance to play at MUFC so I will always be grateful for that.

You had a good career in the football league, playing for the likes of Barnsley, Bury and Rotherham, where did you enjoy most and where do you think you played your best football?

Good question. I loved all 3 clubs you mentioned and they are my top 3. I had promotions with all 3 and they are all special in their own right.

You played for England at youth level and for Wales at senior international level like your father, did you always want to play for Wales?

It was funny in my household. My dad supported Wales and Italy, my mum supported England and I kind of supported all three. It was hard when they played each other but now I always support Wales obviously

You are now a financial advisor, helping players, what made you want to have such a change?

I received bad advice when I was a player and lost a sum of money. It really hurt me and I am passionate about helping players look after their money properly, I feel there are a lot of cowboys out there trying to take advantage of players.

How do you look back on your career?

I was very lucky to play for over 17 years, I look back on it fondly. However, it was over in a flash

Who is the best player you played with?

I only played a few times with him but for me, Paul Scholes was a genius.

Who is the best manager you played under?

Obviously Sir Alex but if I exclude him I would have to say, Paul Tisdale.

Football-Wonderkids focuses on youth players, do you have any advice for young players just starting their career?

Believe in your own ability, don’t think too much about bad performances, stick from fans or being out of favour and work hard.

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