Interview: QPR Keeper Kacper Kowalczyk

Interview: Kacper Kowalczyk is a Polish goalkeeper for Queens Park Rangers academy, who he joined from Chelsea. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions.

1. What are your strengths?

Some of my strengths are shot stopping, communication, agility and character. I try to motivate my teammates during matches; both verbally and by my actions. It’s natural that they’ll be motivated if I play better, so my shot stopping helps me with that.

2. What are your weaknesses?

I wouldn’t call these my weaknesses, but there are some elements of my game, such as cross taking, which I work hard to improve along with my coaches so that I can write it down as my strength.

3. Career highlight so far?

The highlight of my career is proving to my old club that they made a mistake releasing me. It was a great feeling to play well against them.

4. Who are your football heroes?

My heroes include Gianluigi Buffon and Iker Casillas. They’re both legendary goalkeepers and I look up to them both for their technical ability.

5. Best advice received? (from who)?

I have received a lot of great advice, it would be impossible to name the best. However something that will stick with me forever is “whilst you’re sat at home resting, your competitors are working hard to be better than you” which was given to me by my dad.

6. Best player you’ve played against?

All players are different, and all players have different attributes. It would be difficult for me to name the best player considering all the unique play styles.

7. Best player you’ve played with?

This answer is similar to the one above: all players which I’ve played with or against have their own play style, and they’ve all struck me as great players.

8. I play a bit like?

My style of play is often compared to Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s style. We both like to play high up the pitch and use our feet comfortably to play out the back to our defenders.

9. Who is your best friend in football?

I can’t think of an individual who would be my best friend in football. Anyone who has helped me improve and move forward has been a good friend.

10. In five years time I’ll be…

In five years time I see myself being a professional player. Ideally I’d like to be playing in a Premier League club, however what I know for sure is that I’ll still be working hard to keep improving

You can read Kacper profile Here.

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