How to Increase Foot Speed for Football

Soccer is currently one of the most popular sports activities today, if not the most popular. It has grown to become the number one source of entertainment, revenue, and civilization for many, taking it to a whole new scientific level. To become a very big soccer player and make a name in the field of football, there are some skills that are very essential. Some of them include the ability to dribble, and the physical strength to withstand the rigors and last long on the pitch. Others are the ability to make positive decisions within split seconds, ability to use your head when the time comes, great speed and foot walk and many others.

Among all these, speed seems to be one of the most coveted soccer skills at the present age. While some were born with quick feet and therefore can sprint very fast, others can develop this with some exercises. This is essential because it gives you the chance to get past others in pursuit of the ball and to utilize it without the hindrance of others both as a defender, striker, or midfielder. Below are of the exercises that can help you increase foot speed for football.Types of Exercises That Can Help You Increase Speed

The trainings will involve four different categories.

  • The first one is the strength and power training. Here people are taught to combine the contraction of speed and strength, which will translate into power. Of course, power is much more than strength. It is when strength is combined with speed, and the training for this includes both weight and plyometric training.
  • The next type is sprint training, and it centers on improving speed off the marks. Here, acceleration and different running metrics are learnt. This should include at least a single session of the best ways of sprinting each week.
  • The other one is the speed endurance training which could actually take a heavy toll on you because of how strenuous it could be. However, when gotten right, it pays more than it takes. They are intense exercises that are meant to generate huge amounts of lactic acid in people. This helps football players to develop the ability to get involved in high speed races in succession in the fields without getting tired. When the body learns to remove lactic acids quickly, you will be ready for such fast sprints as many times as possible in the pitch.
  • Flexibility training is also essential. Here, footballers are made to train to increase the range of their motion. When you get involved in warm-ups that increase the range of motion, the power and speed of motion is also increased. It is only when an opposing muscle relaxes that the other one can contract. With this type of training, tightness in the muscles is released, and they can contrast and relax easily.

Major Exercises That Can Help You Increase Foot Speed

Soccer Ball Shuttle

This is one drill that needs great speed endurance. Many people devise ways of performing theirs. But at the end, it is focused on speed training.  You have to start by dropping 8 soccer balls just 10 yards off the starting line. The exercise involves the athlete running 10 yards and dribbling the ball back in control till he crosses the starting line where he stops the dribbling. This must be done in high speed, and direction must be changed no matter how tired the player is. This exercise will be done on each ball until the 8 balls are covered. The cardinal points are speed and ensuring that the ball is stopped from moving once you cross the starting line.

Single Leg Acceleration Starts

Here, the footballer has to start with any chosen number of leg stances. It could be standing on one knee while facing backwards, sideways, forward, or even down in a position where one is kneeling down with only one knee. The one leg dominant exercises you can use are so numerous. However, the work comes when the word ‘go’ is signaled. When this happens, the footballer should push off and adjust the feet quickly and ensure that a great force production is applied down, and then back into the ground. This is meant to make fast movements and to achieve a 10 yards acceleration lean.

Fake Dribble and Sprint

This is geared at improving the ability to change direction very fast. Station the ball about 45 degrees from the angle and let the athlete stand 3 yards to the ball. Let them run towards the ball like they want to shoot it in the direction they are headed. But let them just step over the ball as if they want to dribble. Stationing the outside foot that just jumped across the ball, let them use the inside foot to tap the top of the ball and sprint 45 degrees in the opposite direction while doing this. Here, they just sprint to the left while they face the right. With this, they learn to station themselves as fast as possible, to deceive the opponents with the ball, and to change direction as easily as possible.

Soccer Ball Slalom

You can achieve this with soccer balls or cones.  The balls are placed apart in 20-24 inches distance in a straight line. Place your right foot on top of the ball and the left foot besides it. Jump over the ball swiftly and let the left foot rest on the ball, while the right foot is placed besides it. Place the foot very softly to avoid moving the ball. Be very fast in this, and continue till you have done this on the 8 balls, after which you then make a 10 yards sprint.

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