How Compression Gear Improves Your Football Performance

Sarah Jones tells us How Compression Gear Improves Your Football Performance.

Football is a very demanding sport and requires you to be in top shape in order to be competitive. When looking at player potential at the youth and intermediate levels, top teams and scouts look for a variety of things and often use player performance as a metric for the person’s athletic abilities. Because of this, it is important to utilize every tool available that might help you play better.

Compression gear are garments worn by athletes and are often prescribed by medical providers to provide pressure and support. For athletes, they are marketed as items that may help your performance. But is there any truth to this? Here are some ways compression gear can improve your football performance and game.

Is there science behind compression gear?

Compression gear is extremely popular among athletes across several sports. They come in various types of materials and garments, such as socks and shirts, but their purpose is to provide support and pressure on the body.

Compression can help athletes and those with certain medical conditions because they improve blood flow and may help improve the mechanics in your body. Improving blood flow will help athletes exercise longer as it will provide more oxygen to the muscles. Improving biomechanics means the muscles, tendons and bones will work more efficiently better so that you will experience less fatigue and stress from exercise.

They can be worn during or after exercise. Although several studies only report a slight or negligible benefit on overall performance, it seems that the majority of the benefits seem to affect athletes that do a lot of running.

Compression gear can help you play better and recover faster

Football is physically taxing as it requires non-stop running for 90 minutes, as well as very technical control and execution with the ball. Compression gear can help football player because it will help to keep oxygen and blood flow to the legs, specifically if you wear them after a hard practice or game. Wearing them during a game might be challenging since most rules require shin guards and most teams have football socks to match their kit.

But if you are able to wear them during a game it may help reduce the stress of exercise, allowing you to play longer and harder. This is especially important in football as many goals are scored in the last few minutes.

During exercise, your muscles produce lactic acid when they are not receiving enough oxygen. When this metabolite accumulates it causes your muscles to feel sore. Compression socks will help stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling so your body will clear lactic acid faster, in turn making you feel less sore.

If you are already experiencing muscle soreness it is important to rest and recover properly. You will definitely want to take a day or two to rest your muscles. You might try getting a sports massage, which is a massage that targets specific areas of the body that are often stressed during exercise. This will also stimulate blood flow and circulation to your body and will just make you feel better overall.

So, if you are looking for a way to improve your football game and performance, adding compression gear, specifically compression socks, may help you play harder and longer. It may also help prevent muscle soreness and fatigue and may facilitate a quicker recovery if you do happen to feel a bit sore. In a game already filled with great athletes, adding gear and tools that may you get a leg up on the competition can certainly be worth trying.

Sarah Jones


Bio: Sarah writes for Not many people know the benefits of compression treatments, but she wants them to know that it makes life a whole lot easier and is also a great way to improve overall sport performance.


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