About Football-Wonderkids

On this page you can learn all about Football-Wonderkids and why we do what we do.  It all started with Championship Manager way back in 1994!!!!

The History of Football-Wonderkids

A massive Championship Manager fan from day 1, I always loved trying to take a team of wonderkids all the way to Champions League glory but never really liked the regens to carry on a game longer than a few years....... but if you have all the best wonderkids where do you get the next generations from?????

Then The Dugout Forum started to make a pre-game editor available for download i started to research youth players so i could add them to the game, then around 4 years ago i uploaded my update to FM Scout and it seemed really popular. As time went on i found more like-minded people on various forums and on twitter but i always struggled to find all the information i wanted in one place.

Then I borrowed the book Football Manager Stole My Life: 20 Years of Beautiful Obsession off a friend and it was great remembering all the players i had bought over the years and i started to wonder what had happened to some of the players I would always buy.......... but again i couldn't find all the information in one place.

Then it hit me........ make your own website!!!!!

After 4 attempts of what the site should cover and around 50 attempts of what the site should look like Football-Wonderkids was online.

What Do We Do?

Football-Wonderkids has four sections......

1. Football Social Media

Our dedicated football social media section lets you register with six profile types so you can connect with fans, player or professional.

As a member you have fool access to all the features of the site, you can create your own profile, review future wonderkids, post in our forum, comment on post and connect with other members.

As a player your profile becomes your own online football cv which you can update, share and export direct to PDF so you can email it to clubs and scouts.

2. Player Database

The football-wonderkids player database looks at footballs next stars, as well as past wonderkids, legends and those players that never quite lived up to their potential.

3. News and more

The news and more section has all the latest news, gossip and transfers about player under-21 all over the world with special features, interviews.

4. Player Development and Resources

The player development section has tips on nutrition, recipes, training and performance to help you gain that extra 1% over your teammates and opponents

The player resources has useful downloads, football rules and terms and help how to get scouted by a club. We have articles on how to write your football cv and our academy information lets you know how you can apply at different clubs.

Thanks........ Enjoy the site and register below.

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