Why Cristiano Ronaldo Won’t Sign a New Contract with Real Madrid?

Since a few years, rumors about Ronaldo being unhappy at Real Madrid were common. Many believed that he would leave Spain for fresher grounds. Well, these rumors got a direction when Ronaldo confirmed that he is no mood to extend his present contract or sign up a new one at the Bernabeu. Further, signing a contract of five years with Los Blancos in 2016 has literally shut all mouths.

Well, this silence broke as Ronaldo came out clear once the team lost the Champions League. Ronaldo was obviously unhappy after the 3-1 loss to Spurs. The outcome was quite distressing even though Ronaldo showed an improvement in his record as the unparalleled leading goal scorer. Shattering his efforts further was the statistical start in a La Liga season, which seemed to be a worse one. Thus, even in La Liga, the team didn’t fetch well. Unlike the Champions League, Ronaldo couldn’t achieve his record of a high score. The team also lost to Girona recently, which was a testimony of their chief rivals, Barcelona who successfully accomplish a lead by eight points.

After the defeat in the sporty battle with the Spurs, Cristiano Ronaldo came out clearly stating that he is not going to sign a new contract with the existing club. As it appears, the Madrid star seems to be gratified and happy with the present contract. The probable reason why critics feel the need to know the stance of Ronaldo about his contract is the wage range of global top players in the football arena.

Lately, it is now a viral news that Messi is inclined towards Barcelona. It seems that he has signed a novel contract, as he has been looked upon as a top Ronaldo in terms of pay per week. In addition, even Neymar has taken a record-breaking move from Barcelona to PSG (Paris) where he is now getting a pay that exceeds that of the Madrid idol.

With these changes occurring this year, it is obvious for countless people to believe that Ronaldo is likely to be unhappy with such incidences. Nevertheless, Ronaldo stated clearly that he is willing to stick with his existing contract without any thought or inclination towards renewing it anytime until 2021. Well, this is the contract’s expiry year.

The anguishes that the team of Zinedine Zidane faced were somehow negatively affecting its performance. Tottenham has already taken a lead by three points in their Champions League group.

Now, this was something unusual, which several people could not see happening. Still, the team could qualify for the second round, as their proximate rival, Borussia Dortmund, in the third place were lagging far behind in terms of points. This was the time, or perhaps one more chance, to beat Tottenham for getting to the top. The loss together with the obtained new signings should justify the team’s awful performance in the Champions and La Liga league.

There seems to be one more reason as to why the Spanish team has been fighting with topping and record-break scoring in both tournaments. During this year’s summer, Real Madrid had ended its relationship with James Rodriguez, Alvaro Morata, and Pepe. Further, the likes of Bale were absent in the critical tournaments, which the team lost.

Still, Real Madrid is capable to succeed even with its present position. This is truly because of some of the best players still showing their loyalty and struggles to achieve the goals. As Ronaldo shall not leave, the team is likely to require his scoring expertise to retain their winning position in all tournaments.

About the author: William Benetton

William Benetton is a blogger, traveler, and writer. He loves writing on many kinds of sport and tourism. He can't imagine his life without football, travel and morning coffee.

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