The Rise of a Groundhopper

So let me introduce myself my name is Jamie White I’m a 36-year-old football fan. I grew up supporting Manchester Utd Football Club went to the odd game over the years not as many as my childhood would let me but finances weren’t great in the family when there is 5 kids to feed…

Fast forward to 2008 and on to the seasons 2008-2010 I went week in week out to Old Trafford I enjoyed the buzz of getting on the tram going watching the game and to be honest the result never bothered me win-lose or draw the ever lasting saying it’s taking part that counts. But losing to Man City, Liverpool or Arsenal was a Big NO NO

Anyway 2010 I went to a random FC Utd of Manchester pre season game it was July 15 th away at Oldham Borough little did I know what I was getting my self into and i’d become hooked. Since then almost 8 years now I’ve traveled up and down the country and abroad to watch them play against various teams in competitions and at grounds which I didn’t even know existed.

So why now u may ask ? Why do I wanna go ground hopping? Watching random local and not so local teams play each other. Reason is for the love of football. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a good few years now and never had the get up and go.

So 2017 – 2018 i’ll be going to different grounds around the north-west and possible as far down as The Mid Lands ( Birmingham way for those who don’t know what I mean by The Mid Lands, it’s not a place in Lord of the Rings that’s Middle Earth). I’ll watching matches and checking out the ground and facilities such as the Club Shop, Snack Bars the car park will be a big one for me as i will drive most places also I may even try a cheeky pint or two on the way a round.

Anyway enough of me you people wanna read about football grounds…

Stay Safe People and enjoy the Game..

About the author: Jamie White
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