Shooting like a Pro

Football as it is on the pitch

All the football fans share the same passion while watching their favorite team playing. But not all of them are aware of the stress that feels when the whole world is watching you, and when 50.000 people encourage you saying your name.

Playing football is not a simple task. It requires years and years of practice, starting from early ages (7-8 years old). The result of a game depends of how structured a team is. And when everybody yells at that player that missed the net you should try playing at least for once in your life for that team and try to shoot a goal.

Striking the ball

Most of the times, shooting depends on whether you want to send the ball or how hard you need to hit it.

There are two types of shooting: placement and power.

Placement – for this shooting technique you need to place it in. This actually means that you should hit the ball using the inside of your foot and can be used for passing as well as for scoring the goal. In the last case you just need to keep it as far as possible from the keeper because it might be a slow ball.

Power – if you are going for the power shot you need to put your laces on the ball. For this shot you need the keep your head down and look at the ball while the plant foot should be placed half a yard from the ball and pointed at the direction of the desired target. It is also important that your ankle stays locked and hit the ball from the center to the bottom.


Full volley – is all about awareness, balance, timing and accuracy. One good volley shot can make you a star among your fans. Taking a good volley shot requires to keep the eye on the ball at all time, shooting with a locked ankle and follow through as well as landing on the shooting foot.

Half volley – this is mostly a timing shot that needs to place the foot upper on the ball from the middle to the top (otherwise it might sky over the net) while keeping your eye on the ball.

Side volley – this is almost a trick shot because you have to take the ball while coming across the body. This requires to balance on one leg, hit with the top of the foot and hit the middle of the ball with the top of the foot. This technique is used mostly by goalkeepers.

Side techniques

Except for the shooting techniques described earlier, there are some other tactics that might be useful in the field.  Some of them requires: more shooting (will increase chances of scoring and improve shooting skills), using different types of shots or faking them (will get the goalkeeper confused), shooting with your weak foot (will improve the shooting skills and the number of scoring opportunities).

Becoming a better shooter and goal kicker had never been easier. Living the technology era makes it easy to film your game as a player, rewind and see your mistakes. Even though you can do that it would be better if you would notice mistakes you’ve made while playing on the pitch.

It is not an easy thing to accomplish but if you want to improve your football skills or you have somebody in the family who started training for the king sport, these tactics and techniques might come handy.

Now, all you have to do is start practicing, improve your football skills and make your friends envy you.

About the author: William Benetton

William Benetton is a blogger, traveler, and writer. He loves writing on many kinds of sport and tourism. He can't imagine his life without football, travel and morning coffee.

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