Personal Service

We believe that our Personal Service is what sets us apart from all other sites.

As a member of Football-Wonderkids we are always on hand to offer help using our trusted network of contacts.

Everything on our site is 100% free there are no additional charges for signing up, sending messages, adding videos, sending messages or anything else but added to this you can also make use of our contacts.

We are always looking at member and sometimes we will contact you if we think you could be of interest to our contacts to help you get a new club of representation but we will always except your message and promise to reply and be 100% honest on what we can do and where what level we think you should be playing at.

There is no point us recommending a player to a contact who can get you a trial at Manchester City if you are not at that level.

We are also planning more personal services in the future why not sign up and give us a try.

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