Q&A with Charlie Jemson

Q&A with Charlie Jemson

Football-Wonderkids caught up with Charlie Jemson for a quick Q&A to lean more about the young centre back.

Charlie Jemson is the son of Nigel Jemson, after starting his career at Nottingham Forest he now plays for Ilkeston Town.

1. What are your strengths?

Ability to use both feet well, Passing range, heading, aggressive.

2. What are your weaknesses?

Not the quickest but not slow, making sure I have a picture every time when I run out with the ball.

3. Career highlight so far?

Signing as a scholarship at Forest and playing for their Under-23’s

4. Who are your football heroes?

John Terry and my father (Nigel Jemson).

5. Best advice received? (from who)?


6. Best player you’ve played against?

Jeffery Schlupp and Robbie Brady.

7. Best player you’ve played with?

Ben Bereton (Nottingham Forest) and Oliver Burke (West Bromwich Albion)

8. I play a bit like?


9. Who is your best friend in football?

Kieran Hayes (Nottingham Forest)

10. In five years time I’ll be…

Playing in the highest league possible and back in full-time football.

Q&A with Charlie Jemson

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You can read Charlie’s Football-Wonderkids profile here

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