How to Get Scouted helps plays stand out from the crowd and offers advice on how you can impress scouts in the hope of taking the next step to your ultimate dream.

As a young footballer you are probably dreaming of becoming a professional…… winning the Premier League or scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup final but how can you make this happen?

This page will give you tips on how you can stand out from other players to give yourself the best chance possible to achieve your dream.

In years gone by a club would have invited players for trials and coaches would have looked over each player, offering the best ones a place in their academy.

These days top-level scouting is very different. The internet has made is much easier for scouts to create list of players they want to see live nd Wyscout has become a must have tool for top clubs……. Even the computer game Football Manager is used to find the next star.

What is a Football Scout

There are two types of scout, a player scout who watches a player to see if their club should sign them or spot a wonderkid and tactical scouts who watch a team to analyze how they play and look for weaknesses.

We are looking at a player scout and they are worth their weight in gold to clubs.

A player scout will attend games at all levels and all age groups to watch a player live to evaluate them, although sometimes players are first watched on YouTube or Wyscout.

Some scouts will monitor a player over a long period of time to see how they develop and they do not often make a decision on a player after seeing them in one game or training session.

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So….. How do you get scouted.

Getting Noticed

The first thing you need to do is to get noticed.

This can be done by scouts watching you at your club or by attending trials. Many clubs hold trials while others like Manchester United don’t hold open trials but have a vast scouting network watching all levels.

Most clubs keep in touch with local schools and community schemes, as well as managers from grassroots and district teams.

The general feeling from clubs is that if you are playing at a good level for your age, if you are good enough you will get noticed.

What Do Scouts Look For

Our secret scout suggest that all scouts are different, some look at stats, some look at attributes and some look at what level you are playing at but they are all looking for that one gem.

Most football fans will be able to watch a match and pick out the best player on the pitch but it takes more than that to impress a scout.

What about your character, your position on the pitch, your work rate and attitude, very few players make it at the top-level and ability is not always enough.

Ability to make a difference in a game is important. You might have a 100% pass completion rate but if all those passes are back to the keeper and you’re playing it safe then you will not stand out to a scout.

Rio Ferdinand once said that Roy Keane gave me an absolute rollocking on his first day of Manchester United training because he was not being positive in possession.

Scouts will sometimes arrange to meet a player’s family to learn more about their background before deciding to put him forward to a club.

Former Spurs director of football Damien Comolli said they met Bale’s family a number of times before signing him from Southampton. “He said, ‘We met him and his family a number of times and he had a wonderful personality. He was very humble, but also confident without being arrogant.”

The most important thing you can do as a young player is to always give 100%, you never know when a scout is watching.

What Can I Do Next

The are many things you can do to get yourself in front of the right people

  1. Register as a player with Football-Wonderkids to start your free online football CV that can be exported to PDF to take to trials or email to academies. Register Now
  2. Sign up with a sports management company like 89 Sports Management.
  3. Look at summer schools

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