Zinedine Zidane
Date of Birth 0000-01-01
Nationality England
Gender Male
Additional Information
About me
As an Football Consultant for the past 10 years, Modupe has encountered and brokered many high profile contract signings within England, Spain and Scotland. Modupe's Experience with professional football clubs in contract and signing clients has made him an excellent asset to International Soccer Management's team of representatives and consultants. He brings excellent advise and expertise in the football realm when consulting with clients either with professional football players or football clubs such as West Ham United, Leeds United and many other clubs who need consulting and advise. As a fine football representative, he is also an experienced scout and recruiter. Modupe's experiences as a player scout, he provides detailed in depth information analysis that provides the best clients. His knowledge of the game of football and his experience has made him a top football representative within Europe with the best marketable and profitable football clubs in brokering negotiation contracts. A strong business personality when dealing with clients which knows how to get negotiations completed. This is one of many of attributes he brings into International Soccer Management.
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