Contact Details
My email: Mobile Number: +2348106028341
Cristiano Ronaldo
Full Name Ogunleye Ayomide Joseph
Date of Birth 1999-10-21
Birth Palce Osun state
Height 5feet9
Foot Right
Nationality Nigeria
2nd Nationality Nigeria
Gender Male
Additional Information
About me
I started playing football in my early age, being a professional footballer is always my dream but there is many challenges back here in Africa, Nigeria. My first team was in my area shooting star FC and most time I play with my school team I always want a bigger challenge that made me took a step further, I try hard to confuse my parents to sponsor and support me to play in one of the best football academy in the country, and to my luck In 2012 I was able to join an academy in Ibadan , Frenage soccer academy, I was happy and was full of hope that my dream will soon come through, the academy promise us a 3 months camping program the best ones will be pick after the program and will be fly out for a trail with professional clubs in Europe, the program latter end up taking us 6 months before it finish I was hopeful and confident on my ability that I will come out different out of over 400 players that participated in the program I was awarded the best Yong player of the section and luckily for me , the life time opportunity I have being looking for come up the academy management told me that I have been invited to Chelsea academy for a trail it was a day I will never forget when I head this I know its a once in a life time opportunity and I must not miss it, but to cut the story shot I was injured in a training section days before my departure date and the opportunity was wasted, the time limit on the invitation letter expired and I miss the opportunity. This made me use up to 3 years in football academy, I am full of lots of experience playing under many foreign coaches from uk , Scotland and Brazil during the time in academy I score goals and find happiness in assisting my fellow team mate to score, I love playing from left wing forward but most coaches love to play me from the right wing because of my crossing ability and I also fit playing from central forward or attacking midfield with my physic ,passing accuracy and footwork in short I have had experience playing most wings during my years in soccer school. I left the academy in late 2015 to finish my college I finish college last year. I did not stop or give up my dream I kept training hard with believe, I don't have any management right now I am free agent I have only my parent and my ability to back me up, thanks for reading this I have many to offer and many to express if there is a chance and I hope you can consider me and I am more better with my little experience.
No Club
Trophy Best yong player of the section for frenage international soccer academy Year 2012
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