Josiah Otchere Interview

Josiah Otchere Interview

Josiah Otchere is a 19-year old footballer who plays as a forward and has spent time with Charlton Athletic.

Now looking for a new club, Otchere talks to us about his career, his footballing idols and his plans for the future.

What position do you play?

I’m a centre forward. I like to play off the main striker and help link play between the midfield and attack but I can also play as an out and out striker or as an attacking midfielder.

What your style of play?

My style of play is quite unorthodox. I’m quite a relaxed player but at the same all action, overall I’d say I’m an unpredictable player.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

I think my strengths are my dribbling, I’d say I’ve got pretty quick feet and quite good at manipulating the ball. I’d also my creativity is a strength of mine and I’d say also my passing.

My weaknesses are my left foot, which I’m always looking to improve, and i’d also say my heading.

Who are your football heroes?

I have a lot of people I look up to such as the original Ronaldo “R9”, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Didier Drogba but if I had to pick then I would say Thierry Henry.

I’m a Man Utd fan but watching Thierry Henry, he was just on a different level. His swagger, his goals, he was just an incredible player.

I try to take bits from all of the styles of these players and try to incorporate them into my play but I try to style my game the most on Thierry Henry.

Tell us about your career so far?

I’ve been playing football since about the age of 6. I was playing for my local sunday league team, Phoenix Cougars for a few years.

Then when I got to the age of 14, I began playing in the Kent Youth League where all the best youngsters in Kent play and also the highest level you could play at apart from being in an academy.

When I left secondary school, I began playing for the Charlton Athletic Development team for two years from the age of 16-18, where I was expanding my football knowledge through football education on and off the pitch.

I finished college and began playing football at Step 6 level football club Gravesham Borough but then I decided to go to university but after just the first term, I decided to drop out of university.

Since I’ve left university, I’ve been playing football five days a week and trying to earn myself a semi professional or professional contract with the help of my agency Skeel Sports Management and my agent Mr. Alex Skeel.

Best advice received? (from who)?

The best advice I’ve received is from my parents is just to never give up and keep pushing forward. It’s a motto I follow a lot because, there’s been many examples of people who were once in my position before who have been playing non league football but because of determination they eventually made it to the top level, such as Ian Wright, Charlie Austin and Jamie Vardy.

Best player you’ve played against?

I’ve played against a lot of good players but the best probably would have to be a player called Eze Ebuzoeme. I first played against him when I was about 11, and he just ran the game, I think we got beat like 8-2, he must have got about 6 assists and 2 goals.

I played against him more recently in a cup game whilst in secondary school, we did win 5-2 but although he was on the losing side, he just controlled the game with such ease.

I think he was at Millwall for a few years, but the last I heard was that he was on trial with Getafe.

Best player you’ve played with?

The best player I’ve played with is one of my mates called, Marcus Williams.

He’s probably one of the best players I’ve ever seen, some of the things he can do with a ball are ridiculous. He was playing semi professional football at just 16, but he’s at university now but hopefully he can get back into football because he’s way too talented not to have a football career.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I’m gonna be 24 in 5 years, but I hope to be playing at the highest level, playing with great players, winning trophies.


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