Interview: Panos Armenakas

Panos Armenakas is a American born Greek-Australian midfielder who currently plays for Udinese who he joined from Watford.

1. What are your strengths?
I think my control and dribbling. Also my vision is probably my key aspect.

2. What are your weaknesses?
My physicall strength needs improvement just like everything else and my back to goal being able to hold the ball up.

3. Career highlight so far?
Signing my first professional contract at such a young age for a big club and to represent my country at a World Cup.

4. Who are your football heroes?
Ronaldinho for me will forever be my hero. Just the way he smiled and played so freely. The Brazilian Ronaldo and Zidane.

5. Best advice received? (from who)?
I couldn’t really pick out one piece of advice, I have been given a lot from different people and tried to take it all on board to some extent. I think my dad probably gave me the best piece of advice “Play your game, be you”

6. Best player you’ve played against?
Jeff Reine Adelaide from France & Felix Passlack from Germany.

7. Best player you’ve played with?
Thats difficult there have been a lot of good players ive played with… I’d have to say Bruno Fernandes.

8. I play a bit like?
I dont think i really play like anyone in todays football, wouldn’t want to compare myself to anyone to be honest.

9. Who is your best friend in football?
Football gives me the oppurtunity to be with guys non stop everyday, im close with everyone in my teams… Probably Giovanni Amoroso.

10. In five years time I’ll be…
I can’t predict the future but In 5 years from now i hope to be an established footballer, entertaining the fans for a big club and fighting for titles.

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