Interview: Gianni Ferri

Gianni Ferri is a Canadian forward who has had trials with Swansea and Watford in 2017.

1. What are your strengths?
Finishing, dribbling, running with the ball and pace.

2. What are your weaknesses?
Defending 1v1

3. Career highlight so far?
Going on trial at Watford and Swansea

4. Who are your football heroes?
My football heroes are Roberto Baggio and Cristiano Ronaldo

5. Best advice received? (from who)?
Best advice I’ve received is from my father, before every game he tells me, “You just play YOUR game, and you’ll kill these guys.”

6. Best player you’ve played against?
The 2 U16 Spurs center backs (don’t know names but they are England internationals).

7. Best player you’ve played with?
Issa Rayyan – 2000 born player for Philadelphia Union.

8. I play a bit like?
A faster Robert Lewandowski (movement is very similar).

9. Who is your best friend in football?
My best friend is football is my father. He’s my right hand through everything and I wouldn’t be where I am without him.

10. In five years time I’ll be…
In five years time I will be breaking through the first team on a Premier League side.

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