Interview: Adam Przybek

Adam Przybek is a West Brom and Wales youth goalkeeper who has also played for England U16s.

What are your strengths?
My strengths are… My physical size gives me a big advantage when making saves; I have a big reach which helps me reach saves that others can’t. I have a great frame (body shape) which helps me when in 1v1 situations; I make myself as big as possible and give myself the best chance of saving 1v1’s. I also have a great over arm throw for my age. This helps in counter attack situations and we have scored quite a few goals from it this season.

What are your weaknesses?
I think that because I am quite tall I have further to get down to low shots. I have to make sure that I get my nearest hand down to the ball early. I also continue to work on my distribution of both feet. I am aware that great distribution is needed to play at the highest level. I have seen big improvements over it in recent seasons but I will continue to work hard on it.

Career highlight so far?
This was a hard one but it has to be making my England debut and also winning the Victory Shield with Wales two years in a row. These were proud moments and ones that I will remember forever!

Who are your football heroes?
Even though he is not a goalkeeper, I look up to Steven Gerrard a lot. The love and passion he has the game is unreal and he would do anything to win. He is similar to myself.

I also look up to Peter Schmeichel. Some of the saves that he made during his career were crazy. His techniques are not from the book but he did anything to keep the ball out of the net.

Best advice received?
I constantly talk with my dad about football and that sort of thing. He keeps me focussed and makes sure that I train every day to my best. It may not sound great but this sort of advice just keeps me going when it is tough sometimes.

Best player you’ve played against?
Jadon Sancho from Man City is a real challenge to play against. He is always finding new positions and is impossible to mark. I’m glad I wasn’t playing outfield against him. I have trained with him a few times too and his disguise on his finishes makes it so hard to predict where he will put the ball.

Best player you’ve played with?
Angel Gomes from Man United is a top player. He is so comfortable on the ball and trusts himself anywhere on the pitch. When I played for England against USA he would receive the ball from me with his back to goal and somehow turn and get front facing with 2/3 men around him.

I play a bit like?
I am quite an unconventional Goalkeeper and make a lot of saves using my own unique techniques that suit me. I try not to model myself on a particular Goalkeeper and try and take bits from each of the best. If I had to name a Goalkeeper that I play like it would be Joe Hart. He makes saves using all sorts of body parts but he can also go by the book if needed. I’d like to think hopefully I can go on to be one of the best in the world like Joe hart has done.

Who is your best friend in football?
From my club I am close to all of the lads in the team. In my age a few of us go to school together so we have formed a close group from being with each other all the time. I live at digs with two first year scholars and we all get on great which is good too.

In five years time I’ll be…
I hope to be playing first team football hopefully in the Premier League. It is often said to me that Premier League goalkeepers don’t make their breakthrough until 23/24/25. But I look at Goalkeepers like Jack Butland who was playing regularly by the time he was 21. Also David De Gea was 20 which is the age I will be in 5 years time. It shows it can be done with hard work and dedication.

You can learn more about Adam Przybek here.

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