How to Write a Football CV

This page will tell you How to Write a Football CV to help you get noticed by football clubs for trials and football related jobs.

These tips can also be used when completing your Football-Wonderkids online football CV and profile.

We are always getting emails and messages on social media asking what should I include in a football CV, so we thought it would be best to write a guide to help people who are unsure what information is needed.

What is a Football CV?

A football CV is the same as any other CV. It is used to let potential employers, in this case a football clubs know your experience and achievements.

It is your first step in getting an opportunity, trial or interview.

All players from around 10-years-old should start to compile a football CV so you are ready if you are asked to produce one and standout from other players in your team, it shows scouts that you are serious about your future career and you are ready to make the next step in becoming a professional.

It is important to be truthful with all the information you put on your CV, don’t put you can use both feet if you can’t. Scouts watch players all the time and they will know if you are not being honest when they see you play.

A cover letter should also be included with your CV but we will cover in a different post.

Football-Wonderkids offers you the opportunity to do everything we discuss below online when you register with us. You can read more on our Why Register page or Register Now.

What should you include in your CV?


Your photo is the first impression you give when someone looks at your CV or your Football-Wonderkids profile. It should be a football related picture or head shot of you in your kit. Not you sat at home or on a night out with friends.

You should be able to see your face and not be in match action (running with head down). These pictures can be used on your online cover photo.

Taking time to find the right photo is a good idea to make a good first impression.

Basic Information

This should be your vital statistics for a quick look of your most important information.

Name: Your full name
Position: keeper, centre back, forward, ect..
Club: Your current club, if not attached put No Club or unattached
Date of Birth: Day Month Year
Place of Birth: Where you were born
Height: Your height in m or cm
Weight: your weight in kg
Foot: Your prefered foot – left, right or both
Nationality: County of birth
Gender: male or female

Bio: Here you can list your goals, skills, training, characteristics and languages spoken.

Promotional Video

This is important because it is the first time a scout or coach will see you play. It is important to show yourself at your best, showcasing a variety of skills.

Your video should be between five and ten minutes long, edited so the viewer can easily tell which player you are.

A YouTube link should be added to your CV and should be updated yearly.

YouTube links can easily added to your Football-Wonderkids online profile.

Career Statistics

The stats section of your CV gives a good outline of your experience and game time and should include the following:

Year: The season the stats relate to
Team: The team you were playing for
Games: The number of games you played that year
Goals: The number of goals your scored that year
Assist: the number of assist you made that year

Again it is important to tell the truth when completing your statistics, it is a small world and sometime scouts will know managers and will check you are telling the truth.

Press Links

Here you can add any links where you have been mentioned in online, this can be interviews, match reports or any other time you have been reported on regarding football.

This lets scouts and coaches see what others have seen in you and helps them build a picture while giving your CV and profile more credibility.


Here you can add a list of award you have won in the past and should include the award won, the team you played for at the time and the year it was won.

This should not just be trophies, player of the year and leading goalscorer awards can also be added.

Contact Information

You should add your email and mobile number so you can be contacted for trial games. If you are under 16-years-old you should add your parent or guardians information.

Football-Wonderkids Online CV

A Football-Wonderkids Online CV is the easiest way to complete your Football CV, you can update your profile in seconds and share your profile or post with members and on social media.

It is also easy to email a link to football clubs and soon you will be able to export your profile to PDF.

You can read more on our Why Register page or Register Now.


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