Groundhopper 2017 -2018 – Atherton LR v Sandbach United

Groundhopper 2017 -2018

Saturday October 7th 2017

Non League Day 2017

Fixture – Atherton LR v Sandbach Unite d

Ground – Crilly Park

Capacity – 3000 (seated 250)

League – The Hallmark Security League Division 1

Programme – £1.50

Parking – Yes

Snack Bar – Yes Pies & burgers £1.50
Drinks £1

Attendance – 52


The Ground – The Match

So why this match? Reason is Its local, I’ve got a few nerves about this new venture and also I’ve never been here before. Atherton is a small town on the out side of Bolton 7 miles from neighbours, Bolton Wanderers FC.

Arrived in good time out 14.35 to the ground, one thing I hate is missing kick off one of my pet hates. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna have to queue to get into the ground. Any way got to Crilly Park and the car park / parking area was just a patch of grassland and tarmac nothing fancy it is what it is.


So no crowd rush the fans came in there 1’s and 2’s..

Atherton v Sandbach, 17th v 6th. the favourites were Sandbach although at the start of play I didn’t know this as I buy programmes I don’t always read them during the match.

The ground is your typical non league pitch, patchy, muddy and the pitch lines weren’t that visible. It looks like the pitch dips down bit towards the rail track end advantage to anyone facing that way. Worthy of a match . Bit of a scrappy game back and forth neither the ref or the lines man on my near side didn’t seem that interested in the rules and regs of the match. Sandbach had as few chances here and there came close a few times hit the cross bar and a few bits of scrappy gaol mouth action.

Atherton took the lead via a penalty in the 17th minute nicely dispatched they pressed for another but never came. Half Time 1-0 to the home side.

Sandbach worked hard from the kick off and hard work paid off when they got the equaliser on the 61st minute from a nicely placed corner and headed in at the back post. Always cover your posts. Sandbach continued to press and few minutes later it as 2-1 Atherton stood still waiting for the offside flag that never came, well played Sandbach, another lesson learnt play to the whistle. Down hill for Atherton heads went and Sandbach went on the run the game ended 4-1 to the visitors and the small crowd of home fans were left feeling frustrated. 1-0 up to lose 4 goals in 45 mins.
Match value for Natural – 7/10

Man of the Match – Sandbach Number 8 (worked his socks off all game)


Thanks for reading

Stay Safe People and enjoy the Game.


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