Getting the Chance

Its the dream of any young player to make their debut for their home side, or that one they supported since they knew what football was. Getting the chance to do it can be rare and when it does come you’ve got to grab it. Trent Alexander-Arnold did just that.

First away game in Europe. Check

Champions League debut. Check

Goal on debut? Check

Just about old enough to watch Robocop (the original one). Check.

That is how you grab your chance. It seems to be difficult for a lot of young players to break through, but this needs to be an example that it can be done in this day. With the increased revenues coming into the Premier League, its easy ( or so it seems) for a club to go pick a more experienced replacement instantly and stem the academy flow. Now is the time for the kids to prove that they are more than alright and step up. Not just once, but every week. Especially the home grown ones, we’ve seen the success at youth level this summer. Imagine if they played week in week out in the Prem, in Europe. The senior England side may actually have a chance at winning a trophy.

About the author: John Isherwood
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