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    Football Manager 2017 Review

    Football Manager 2017 is the latest in the much loved series. The new game adds lots of new features but is it all too much? Has the game become too complicated to be enjoyable?

    Anyone who has visited Football-Wonderkids before and took the time to read our about us page will know that my love for Championship Manager and later Football Manager started this whole website.

    So it seems fitting that our first review should be to take a look at the latest in the Football Manager series.

    New Features

    In an interview with the Watford Observer Miles Jacobson revealed the Football Manager 2017 had around 1,300 additions and enhancements.

    Here, we look at some of the best new features.
    Social Media

    A new social media tab with see all your activity being shared on social media. Your assistant makes recommendations on who you should follow so you can view news and videos.
    Staff Roles

    Data analysts and sports scientists are new roles added for 2017. Your data analyst will give you detailed reports, while your sports scientist will help reduce the chance of player injury.

    You can now talk to players who might interest in joining you at the end of the season and agents have been improved so they help managers more.
    New Camera Angles

    A new behind the goal low camera angle lets you see the ball as it hits the back of the net and gets you up-close and personal to the action.
    New Motion-captured Elements

    Goalkeepers are now capable of pulling off spectacular saves, and players head and shoot in a much more intuitive manner, taking into account the flight of the ball better than ever before.
    Magic spray

    The ref will now make out where the ball and wall should be placed by using his magic spray to make the match day experience more realistic.
    Pre-match presentation

    Pre-match handshakes add even more realism as they now line up and wish the opposition good luck.
    Law changes implemented

    The new style kick-off and a fool by the last man is now longer an automatic red card are just a few rule changes that are added to the new match engine.
    Game Play

    The new features have added a lot to the already tried and tested formula and you will not be disappointed here.

    FM17 is immensely playable like all the versions before it.

    Football Manager 2017 is a major improvement on the 2016 version. The match day engine is better with lots of new features to improve your experience.

    The Transfers are smoother and more involved and players develop faster.

    I personally found the tactical interface needed some changes in 2016 and there is not really anything new to write about in the 2017 version.

    If you are fan of the whole Football Manager series and enjoy that the games are getting more and more complex then it will be easy to recommend this game to you.

    I find that the more complex the games gets the more it loses its playability. In 2001 I could almost play a season in a night, now I have not even played all my pre-season games, which for me makes it difficult to enjoy.

    Available on: PC, Mac and Linux
    Developer: Sports Interactive
    Publisher: Sega

    You can buy Football Manager from Amazon by clicking on the picture below:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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