About Football-Wonderkids

On this page you can learn all about Football-Wonderkids and why we do what we do.  It all started with Championship Manager way back in 1994!!!!

The History of Football-Wonderkids

A massive Championship Manager fan from day 1, I always loved trying to take a team of wonderkids all the way to Champions League glory but never really liked the regens to carry on a game longer than a few years……. but if you have all the best wonderkids where do you get the next generations from?????

Then The Dugout Forum started to make a pre-game editor available for download i started to research youth players so i could add them to the game, then around 4 years ago i uploaded my update to FM Scout and it seemed really popular. As time went on i found more like-minded people on various forums and on twitter but i always struggled to find all the information i wanted in one place.

Then I borrowed the book Football Manager Stole My Life: 20 Years of Beautiful Obsession off a friend and it was great remembering all the players i had bought over the years and i started to wonder what had happened to some of the players I would always buy………. but again i couldn’t find all the information in one place.

Then it hit me…….. make your own website!!!!!

After 4 attempts of what the site should cover and around 50 attempts of what the site should look like Football-Wonderkids was online.

Now we help players get scouted in a number of ways.

Football-Wonderkids has a social media section, a football jobs board, a player database and a twitter page that helps us connet with football fans all over the world.